AJFX001_Off-Road Car Passes
12 @ 24bit/96kHz
13 performances
Pro Tools embedded metadata
.pdf & .xls metadata spreadsheet
Detailed Spotlight comments (mac)
Size: 60.1MB (unzipped)
Price: FREE

I recorded this small collection of car passes during a rally section of The Lands End Trial, back in March 2013. The short section of the trial takes drivers off-road, up a steep winding section of Darracott woodland. With my H4n in hand I was able to get in very close proximity to the cars as they made the ascent.

This free download contains a dozen recordings of cars passing by on straights and sharp corners on a well worn dirt and rock track. Recorded at 24bit/96khz using an H4n, edited using Pro Tools and normalized to -1dB in Izotope RX4.

AJFX001_Off-Road Car Passes
Price: FREE

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